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The growbox is the all in one solution to covertly growing your own plants indoors

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The growbox is the ultimate covert grow cabinet that features high quality technology with a discreet finish, giving you the ability to covertly grow any plant you like in your home, all year round. The growbox includes our 120W LED featuring cutting edge LED technology from Samsung. Alongside this is a 4 inch fan and carbon filter to filter any unwanted smells from within the box. With the ability to fit four 250mm pots alongside each other, you will be able to gather a high quality harvest in no time when following our grow guide.

Other features that make this the ultimate all in one growbox include highly reflective white walls, light proofing, intake and outtake fan with a carbon filter, SCROG netting for plant training and a lockable door.

The growbox was designed for growers with any level of experience. Whether you are an experienced grower or a complete beginner, the growbox has the ideal equipment to help anyone grow plants from seed to harvest.
The only thing needed to get started is some seeds and some quality soil and you will be on your way to harvest loads of your favorite herbs, flowers and vegetables.

The standard growbox comes with our 120w LED, carbon filter/fan and scrog net. If you would like to take your grow to the next level, we recommend adding the Accessories Pack (optional) which includes a Nutrient Starter Kit, pH Meter, Flower Scissors, Circulation fan, Magnifying glass, Light Timer and Temperature Sensor, Adjustable hangers and Pots which are all essential plant growing accessories to monitor and maintain your plants to a high standard. Please see photos for details.

Please read Additional Information and FAQs for more information otherwise don’t hestitate to contact us and we can help you with any questions you may have. The growbox has been in high demand recently but we are working hard to build more stock as fast as we can.


growbox, growbox + accessory pack


1 Year




growboxau cabinet
growboxau 120W LED
4" Carbon Filter
4" Carbon filter exhaust fan
Intake fan

Light Features

3000K, Dimmable

Accessory Pack (Optional)

Nutrient Starter Kit
pH up/down
pH Meter
Flower Scissors
Circulation fan
Light Timer
Magnifying Glass
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
2xAdjustable Hangers
2x250mm pots
2x250mm saucer
2x100mm pot


Private Courier 3-6 Days, 1-2 Days (Melbourne)

You can find our frequently asked questions here. If these don't answer your question, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.
Of course it does! The growbox has been designed to ensure all sorts of plants are provided with conditions suited to growing plants to a high standard. Our LED is extremely powerful and perfect for growing plants from seed to flower. It also has an intake fan to provide fresh air and carbon filter and extraction fan to extract air.
If you have an interest, don’t think twice! Learning to grow plants is easy with the growbox and also great fun. We have created our grow guide which was made for beginners in mind. We also have the option of the accessory pack which will help you maintain your plants to a high standard.
Yes we do! All products ship Australia wide from Melbourne. Our lights are shipped via Australia post with fixed prices. We ship the growbox via a private courier. Shipping prices for the growbox are a standardized calculation and we may be able to give you a discounted rate by contacting us. Please be sure to include your post code as well as suburb.
It does! The intake fan in combination with the carbon filter and extraction fan combo creates negative pressure that is designed to pull the old air through the carbon filter and out of the growbox.
No, the noise made by the growbox is very minimal. The only moving parts are a quiet PC fan and the 4 inch extraction fan. It wouldn’t be heard behind a closed door.
It can warm up in the summer months but it will never be too hot to harm your plants. The LED lighting is cool when compared to old school lighting tech which allows it to heat up the box enough to grow plants but not too much to harm them.
The Accessory pack (optional extra) includes a range of essential accessories that every grower should have. It includes: Nutrient Starter Kit PH Meter Flower Scissors Circulation fan Light Timer Temperature/Humidity Sensor Magnifying glass
Of course you can! While the growbox only comes with normal plastic pots as we recommend growing in soil for beginners, you can definitely buy a soilless system and grow hydroponically.
Yes it does. The only thing you need to do is connect and hang the light and attach the carbon filter which is super easy. The growbox was not built in a way that you can disassemble it.
We think so! While there are thousands of accessories and options to grow plants, we like to keep it simple. You can keep it as simple as you like or purchase our accessory pack which includes some basic products to maintain your plants at a high standard.
All of our products come with a 1 year warranty. If you have any issues at any time please feel free to contact us and we will help you as best we can!

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3 reviews for growbox

  1. Harry (verified owner)

    Arrived very fast and despite my lack of any real skills set up was very easy.
    It’s quiet as a mouse and bright as day.
    A seasoned outdoor vege and herb grower this will be my first time inside.

  2. Sue (verified owner)

    Great build quality fantastic concept . Well done very quiet fits in 4 plants in 250mm pots , neat would like to see this company branch out and expand more . 10 out of 10 well worth the price .

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Perfect for my first setup. And the accessory pack is perfect for a beginner.

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